Why We Must Abolish All 18,000 Police Depts. and Create New Agencies To Handle 911 Calls

You cannot apply a patchwork of fixes to all 18,000 police departments and expect to magically eradicate institutionalized racism in America’s police depts.

Congress can remedy our problems with all 18,000 police depts., but it cannot be a patchwork of bans and fixes.

We have to abolish and start anew, if we are to ever transcend police brutality and murder.

A new county agency could enjoy a policy which eliminates dispatching armed uniformed officers to non-violent 911 calls.

A majority of 911 calls DO NOT REQUIRE dispatching armed, uniformed officers. The great majority of 911 calls are non-violent, non-emergency issues, medical assistance issues, non-violent domestic issues.

Here’s why we HAVE TO ABOLISH all 18,000 police departments across the U.S.:

1) In the past 15 years, over 100 officers have been charged with murder, but only three have been convicted.
Even when the video and eye witness evidence is presented to a jury, white jurists have acquitted 99% of officers.
I contend this is because of racism and classism in America. Recently polls indicate approximately one-third or more of Americans do not support the removal of confederate symbols across the United States. I contend the high probability exists that one-third or more of a given police dept. is comprised of officers who engage in racist acts against persons.

The current system is designed to protect the officer from liability and accountability; most of the time, all an officer has to do to beat a murder charge is to claim he acted because he was in fear of his life, so he shot him or her. By some strange “coincidence” the majority of police murder victims are people of color, at the hands of a white officer.

2) Police Unions provide strong cover for the accused officer, in great contravention of the public interest.
Police union officials DO NOT OPERATE in the public interest one iota.

3) Internal Affairs Dept.
As long as you have members of a police dept. investigating citizen complaints against their fellow department members, police brutality and murder will thrive under those conditions.
That’s why you see cops doing horrific things to people in broad daylight, in front of a crowd of people; because the killer cop knows Internal Affairs cleared his last 9 complaints, so the cop feels EMBOLDENED to beat, kick, punch, choke, slap and shoot his victims at will without fear of department consequence.

4) Too many armed, uniformed officers patrolling and responding to 911 calls.

Here’s my list of things we need to consider with any new agency handling 911 calls: