Criticizing Bill Maher

On the one hand, Bill Maher can be very funny and creative. On the other hand, Maher can be a Jackass Supreme, exhibiting racist tendencies.
I’m not calling Bill Maher a racist – I’m just saying he’s got racist tendencies.

Does Maher realize he is exhibiting racist tendencies? Like Donald Trump, Maher may be completely oblivious he is exhibiting signs of racist tendencies.
However, I believe Maher is well-aware of his quasi-racial comments, but again – like Donald Trump, Maher is convinced he has adequately hidden his racism, safely tucked inside his “jokes.”

Maher said Andrew Yang faced criticism for saying SNL should not have fired comedian Shane Gillis for making racist comments about Asians. Bill Maher disagreed.
I disagree with Bill Maher. So why would Bill Maher and Andrew Yang both claim that making racist comments about Asians was not racist? I’ll tell you why: because a wealthy person of color may not be offended as a poor person of color, since a poor person of color knows what racism means in their lives: conversely, a wealthy person of color is so well-insulated from racism due to their economic status, the wealthy person of color wears a badge that says, “Hi there! my name is Mr. Wealthy Person of Color and unlike the unwashed masses of color beneath my feet, I am just as privileged as you are, my white wealthy brother.” Andrew Yang might as well have said, “I’m so rich I don’t care what you say to anyone,” which is EXACTLY what Bill Maher could have easily said.

Bill Maher’s badge says, “Hi, I’m wealthy and you’re not.” ….or, Maher’s personal favorite: “Hi, I’ve got a big cock and you don’t.” (or so Maher claims)