WATCH: As Onlookers Demand He Stop, Cop Repeatedly Gropes Woman’s Breasts

Austin, TX — A disturbing video has been shared with the Free Thought Project which shows an Austin Police Department officer repeatedly groping a woman’s breasts. The officers actions were so disgusting that it prompted onlookers to demand he stop. He did not.

“Don’t you f***ing touch her like that” and “Get your f***ing hands off her,” were a few of the words directed at the officer as he groped the handcuffed woman’s breasts.

In the short video, the woman is heard telling the officer multiple times that “I want a female officer.” She does not get one. Instead she gets the officers hands and wrists shoved into her breasts over and over.

According to the Austin Police Department’s Policy Manual, officers must conduct person searches “with dignity and courtesy.”

In the video below, dignity and courtesy are entirely absent. According to the APD manual, the officer should explain to the person being searched the reason for the search and how the search will be conducted. It also states the following guidelines for instances in which an opposite sex is conducting the search.