White Racist Vandals Deface Black Lives Matter

A woman was caught on video destroying a Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez, California.

The incident was said to have occurred during Saturday’s Fourth of July holiday.

Multiple videos of the incident were shared on social media.

The woman, who was wearing an American flag T-shirt, can be seen painting over a Black Lives Matter mural on the street with black paint.

A man wearing a Trump 2020 shirt and a “Make American Great Again” hat insults a bystander in the video.

“All lives matter, you f*cking punk!” the man adds.

The man, who appears to be assisting the woman, was caught in another video explaining his views on Black Lives Matter.

“This is racism is what it is,” he says, pointing at the Black Lives Matter mural. “There is no oppression. There is no racism. It’s a leftist lie. It’s a lie from the media, the liberal left.”